Buying Tips

When it comes to buying a property, there’s a lot to consider; it is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. Even though it is an exciting time, it can also be quite daunting. That is why it is reassuring to know that the team at Wes Davidson Real Estate are readily available to help with any questions you may have to make the process less stressful for you.

Below are just a few simple tips to help steer you in the right direction when you are ready to take the step towards making your purchase.


The property should be situated with your lifestyle in mind. Is it close to where you work or close to the schools where your children will attend? More importantly, would you be happy living in this location?


Ensure the property is in good general condition unless you are planning to take on a project. We strongly advise you to obtain an independent building report and a pest inspection prior to purchasing.


Don’t get too hung up on price. If the property suits your needs and you can afford it, buy it! What seems expensive today will often appear to be a bargain in years to come.


There is a big difference between what you need and what you desire. Focus on your needs first when buying a home to live in.


Get your finance organised before you commence your search for a new home. Being organised with finance puts you in a better buying position.

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